Minimalistic Post-Traditional Elegance

Ixia is the suburbs of Ixia, the second-largest town on the island of Rhodes, and is located on the island’s north-western coast. Ixia was one of the first three ancient cities dating back to 1500BC. The scenery is more or less the same, wherever you may find yourself along the Ixia shoreline: the beach is highly organized. Just as at Ixia, the beaches alternate with organized public beaches, for those who love swimming, and for surfers as well as there is often a good wind. Equipment for hire is available. There are kiosks, mini-markets, fast food outlets, cafes and restaurants just a short distance away.

Apolloniou Rodiou, 23, Ixia, Rhodes, Greece, 85101

Things to do in Ixia

Ιxia is famous for it’s sandy & windy beaches great for swimming, relaxation and of course the broad variety of water sports & it’s necessary instructors for beginners too!

Enjoy a relaxing walk & excursion to the Relaxing and Devout nature of the historic hill, it’s medieval architecture and the calmness of the around forest!

Ixia is only second to Rhodes Down Town, regarding the livelyness & amenities in Rhodes Island! Restaurants, Bars, Taverns, Grocery Shops, Pharmacies, Atm’s, Banks, Doctors, everything is in plenty variety!

  • Watersports!

    Enjoy a great variety from windsurf, kite, jet-ski and many many more!

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  • Filerimos Hill Excursions

    The world famous monastery & the unique nature of Filerimos Mountain!

  • Ixia Bars & Restaurants

    Greek cuisine has a culinary tradition of some 4,000 years and is a part of the history and the culture of Greece.